Sunday, 21 October 2007

Dott Festival's Blogging Community

The Dott Festival is not only generating interest around the physical site itself, but there is lots of blogging happening. It's been interesting to see the different perspectives on the Festival, both the content of it and the event itself. Here are some links:

The offical Dott 07 website has a daily blog kept up-to-date by Emer and Claire.

Dott 07's Programme Director, John Thackara, has been blogging updates on the Festival at the Doors of Perception blog.

Melissa, Jenny, Ollie and Lisa came over last week from the Köln International School of Design, Germany to document the Festival happenings. Their blog is called Dott07.

Richard Florida has been checking out the Köln team's blog too. Find a link here that Florida posted on his blog to my comments regarding Service Design.

The Dott 07 projects of Alzheimer 100 and Our New School have also been blogging updates on their sites.

Pre-Dott Festival here is what Core 77, CPH127, BusinessWeek Online, Bruce Nussbaum and Experentia all had to say about Dott 07.

To round up an awesome 2 weeks of Dott 07, Northumbria University and the Design Council, London will be hosting a conference called InterSections07: Design Know-How for A New Era. The tickets sold out more than 2 months ago, but you read about the lead up and all the happenings at the InterSections 07 Blog.

Please feel free to email me or leave a message if you know of any more links or have your own blog to add here.

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