Saturday, 5 March 2011

Letters from Australia

If you weren't already aware, I recently moved back to my home city Sydney, Australia.

Sydney skyline sunset. Photo by Sophie G.

Having been away for 3.5 years it has been a major transition to assimilate (someone said to me that moving back is like having a 'reverse culture shock.' I have to admit that comes pretty close to what I have been feeling). While I ride out the transition, I have also been exploring design here in an Australian context.

The namesake of this post is with thanks to Nick, who asked before I left London if I could begin another blog called 'Letters from Australia.' While not the name, I have begun a new blog. It's called designsydney and looks at design in an Australian context, with a particular focus on design for services, public services and positive social change.

So please visit and join my continuing adventures to explore innovative uses of design in an Australian context. I shall continue to complete my PhD research from Australia, which also means I'll continue my investigations into the changing role of the designer, with a more focused look at the value of the designer in addressing social, economic and environmental issues.

Hope to see you soon at designsydney. Otherwise please get in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn or