Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Dott Festival | Day 2

I spent Day 2 wondering around the project spaces of Design of Sexual Health (DaSH) and Alzheimer 100.

If there is one thing that I can say to any visitor going to the Dott Festival, it would be to talk to the Dott Crew at each project space. I can't stress this enough (even I needed some things clarified!) because if you don't, you might miss out on really understanding what the project is all about.

And if you want an even deeper understanding of the project and the issues around it, you must attend the Dott Debates. They bring deeper insights, understanding and richness to each project. The Debates are also a great place to network, bring ideas to the table and find out more on what we can do next.

Design for Sexual Health (DaSH)

A process map of how the DaSH project was done

Stakeholders are of critical importance. DaSH’s stakeholders include the project team to the young people on the streets

DaSH Boardgame shows the different scenarios of an individual navigating their way through sexual health services

An idea could be... sexual health services in high street shops

Alzheimer 100

A guide of the different elements of the Alzheimer 100 project space

Persona's get us well-acquainted with people in the Alzheimer community

Over 80 disparate services for the Alzheimers' community makes for a confusing experience for everyone

The idea of signposts can help people identify the services available and also talk to someone

Talking to a wider group of people can occur in physical meeting places such as cafes

Designing with artists a garden for Alzheimer carers and sufferers

A powerful one-minute video conveying stories of people in the Alzheimer community

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