Thursday, 17 September 2009

Design Collaboration: Northumbria Uni's brand new resource

My friends and Northumbria colleagues, Emma, Joyce and Kath have been busy working on the brand new website:

"A space for design tutors to reflect, review and explore collaborative learning in design teams."

A screen grab of the website

While the site currently says its for design teachers, I believe it is relevant to any design project that demands collaboration. The site contains three key sections:
My research is most relevant to the Teaching Resources part of the site where one can find tools to help identify roles of designers in projects. Other content at this part of the site include tools to:
  • Form and mange a design team
  • Understand the design team
  • Communicate within the design team
  • Reflect among the design team
  • Assess the collaboration
There are also some neat filmed interviews with designers on the site. It's always great to hear different design perspectives straight from designers themselves.

The site was only launched last night, so more additions are to be made. hits on a key issue for designers as collaboration is no more something a designer 'might do' rather its an essential skill for today's designers working in our highly connected, complex and technological society.

Photos from the launch at Northumbria Uni last night

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