Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Design Activism in Leeds

Next week I am off to the Leeds Festival of Design Activism. In 2007, the first workshop on Design Activism was held and was titled, Mapping Design Activism. Guy Julier of Leeds Metropolitan University described Design Activism as:

“... encompass[ing] a wide range of real-life processes from greening neighbourhoods to transforming communities through participatory design action.”

The workshop was a lively conversation of many different people and professions, and a report was produced post-workshop which you can download here.

At the Leeds Festival of Design Activism next week, I will be doing a presentation on my research. This will be on Thursday 2 July at the Postgraduate Research Student Colloquium, a student-led forum to discuss and explore our research topics and PhD experiences. Here's a short summary of the colloquium:

The Postgraduate Research Colloquium is intended for PhD students working in the field of Design Activism. It will provide an opportunity to explore critical issues in their doctoral studies and receive extensive feedback on their work from facilitators and fellow students.

Following this on Friday 3 July, is the Design Activism Practitioner Conference which:

... is devised to give voice to designers, artists, architects, students, performers, activists, observers and users of socially and/or environmentally committed creative practices.

Finally, on Saturday 4 July, the Gala Event will provide an opportunity for the delegates of the festival to get to know each better among music, events and great food!

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