Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Live|work on 'Creating social solutions for MS patients'

The International Herald Tribune published this article on Live|work's work in healthcare on January 16 2009. The article details Live|work's people-centred approach to tackling the issue of Multiple Sclerosis with the Ealing Primary Care Trust.

Thought it was interesting to note how the article describes Service Design:

Service design is one of the new disciplines that are redefining design by taking it into the realm of what's called "user experience." This is business school gobbledygook for ensuring that services (everything from online bank accounts to airline booking systems) can be used easily and efficiently. The service designer literally designs every aspect of the customer's experience by applying the type of thinking that designers use intuitively in conventional projects, such as analyzing problems and inventing unexpectedly effective solutions. Often they do this in collaboration with other specialists, like anthropologists and economists. Good service design schemes are so intelligently planned and executed that we barely need to think about whether we're using them correctly. The bad ones (and, sadly, we've all suffered from them) are confusing, inefficient and infuriating. How often have you been flummoxed by an impenetrable online booking system or call center?

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Qin said...

haha... just left a comment somewhere else on a similar topic... not sure about the designing experience part, but I agree that good design can't be seen, it just works out. While only the bad ones get noticed as they get in the way.